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Your Torry Hub

The Hub, which includes a Primary School, Early Years provision, Community Hub, Cafe, Library, community space and access to a range of services, is a development that has been a community desire for several years. The Hub is also a project in the Torry Locality Improvement Plan (2017- 2027) and has the potential to make a major contribution to the community’s aspirations for improved service delivery in Torry. You wanted a wider range of services, community activities and spaces to be available in the community; to be able to access services in one place; an accessible place to get together with friends and family in the community. Following a review of previous consultations, plans and a specific consultation in 2016 regarding the Hub, Aberdeen City Council have set aside £20 million for the building and successfully bid for another £2 million of Scottish Government funding. This means that we are looking at the detail of what should be provided from the Hub, as well as making sure that the design meets the purpose of the building and the needs of everyone who will be using it. There are two areas for you to comment, debate and vote on each other’s views. You can find these below. The Hub Services debate allows you to help us further develop the services and activities being delivered from the Hub and this is open for debate until 2020. With construction due to begin in 2020 the Hub Design Debate will ensure your views help shape the final design and we need your ideas for this by 26th July 2019.