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Torry Hub



The Hub development has been a community desire for a number of years and has been included in various iterations of community plans. The Hub is a clear objective in the Torry Locality Improvement Plan (2017- 2027).

Following a review of previous consultations, plans and specific consultations in 2016 regarding the Hub, a £20 million budget was set aside in February 2016, by Aberdeen City Council to explore the feasibility of the Hub Development. The Hub also successfully secured a £2 million RGCF Grant in 2019.

We are now in the detailed design and development phase with completion planned for 2021/2022

Just as a reminder

• You wanted a wider range of services, community activities and spaces to be available in the community
• You wanted to be able to access those services in one place
• You wanted an accessible place to get together with friends and family in the community

What will the hub be?

The Hub will be a facility for all ages, where you can:

•​ take your child to the Nursery and Primary school
•​ visit the Library and Café
•​ participate in classes and activities and book out space
•​ access Services – such as Housing
•​ get advice and support on issues such as benefits, financial planning, employment and addictions
•​ access health support
• somewhere for the whole community to come together and socialise

What will the hub do?

Bring a range of services and facilities together, including:

•​ Primary School
• Early Years Centre
•​ Community Library
•​ Community Cafe
•​ Facilities for Big Noise
•​ A ‘one stop shop’ to access services, advice and support and accessible bookable community space

Partners in the Hub will include:-

•​ Community and Third Sector organisations, Council Services including:
Housing, Social Work, Libraries, Communities, Schools and Early Years services, Community Wardens, Financial Inclusion Team, Priority Families

•​NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership

And, of course you the community!

What we asking you to do next

We are now in the detailed design and development phase, which means that we are looking at more detail in the delivery of what we have already established will be delivered from the Hub as well as making sure that the design meets the purpose of the building and everyone’s needs who will be using it.