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List of the 10 PB projects - Torry

St Fittick’s Edible Garden – bid for £1500 

Cultivate Aberdeen’s vision is to create kind, confident, and connected communities through thewer of food-growing with a mission to ensure people of all ages and communities play a part in Aberdeen’s sustainability through food-growing. Our exciting project for St Fitticks' will revolve around three key themes: Community, Education, Recreation. 

Cultivate Aberdeen aims for all our projects to be community led and this fund will help us engage with the wider Torry community and empower them to deliver this project with our support. An award from this UDecide bid will be used primarily for pre-consultation and planning; supporting initiatives to encourage the community to get involved with the project and enable us to run sessions within the garden on how to use outdoor activities as a standard into promoting mindfulness and positive mental health, in an holistic approach to accessing the Natural Health Service. We will also be running sessions for mindfulness and evidence basing these to act as a partner within the social prescription network (SP) for members of the Torry community. 

Our themes are achieved by: 

Community Edible Garden: Healthy minds and healthy bodies start with a healthy diet. As a charity we want to empower individuals and families to think differently about where they live, how they engage with each other, and all by thinking differently about food. Our Edible Garden will be open to all within the community providing access to healthy fruit and vegetables in a safe and relaxing green space in the heart of a regeneration area which will include a ‘green walk’ linking this project with the Torry allotments, Balnagask Golf Course, Greyhope Bay Project, and the new Harbour expansion – with a community driven and owned Edible Garden at the forefront of these exciting projects. 

Education Area: Within the Edible Garden we will have a dedicated area for education and outdoor learning which will be versatile in its use and audience. A specially created education ‘pod’ with outdoor blackboard will be used for community learning, schools, and uniformed groups that can also be adapted for businesses to use for team days or activities. Adjacent to the pod will be areas for children and young people to be more creative with the emphasis on fun. 

Recreation: Our third objective is to utilise the natural benefits of this site and the beautiful scenery of the new harbour expansion where St Fitticks’ has a prime view. As identified by the Scottish Government, individuals (particularly older people) could benefit from green prescriptions and reap the benefits of outdoor recreation. Outdoor activity has been shown to be beneficial for the physical and mental health and wellbeing and our recreation areas will be a perfect example within Torry of the ‘Natural Health Service’. We're going to create an accessible path to all areas of the site to remove any physical barriers to accessing the garden by all members of the community. Structurally, we will apply for planning permission to house a potting shed which will come in a separate phase after the completion of the growing and education areas. 

Victoriart Road – bid for £1400 

We will work with Walker road and Tullos schools to provide workshops for the kids; this would include drawing, painting and a brainstorming session for a community mural. After these sessions we will install a mural at the Torry Outdoor Sports Centre where the community will get involved with the creation and installation. We currently have planning permission and consent from the owners to create a mural on this building. The subject of this mural will be formed from the workshops with the kids. The style of the artwork would be a mosaic mural like the “Everyday Heroes” piece created for Nuart Aberdeen. 


The committee is planning a family day trip to Heads of Ayr which is a fabulous farm/activity/carnival centre. This would be a special event for families that do not have access to transport to get there nor the funds for this fantastic day out. We would be providing a highlight for children and parents in Torry in the summer. They would have something good to look forward to in the summer. 

in addition, it's good for families to come together in this shared experience thus building community ties and fostering good relationships. 

Polish Association – Aberdeen Drumming United – bid for £1500 

Aberdeen Drumming United project is a project of free drumming classes with a professional drummer Marek Sztuka which we launched thanks to the Health Improvement Fund to kick start late 2018 and continued throughout 2019. This project involves running three (free of charge) different groups in three different locations. Wednesday one based at Torry Youth and Leisure Centre being addressed to the local community members who want to learn and improve their drumming skills for up to 10 students in each group. Basic course includes 20 x 1 hour lesson and we offer continuation. Persons attending our classes will learn the basic skill which is essential for further education. Our classes contain some basic exercises involving a metronome and background music, developing their rhythm skills and learning how to play together, building rhythm on a full drum kit, drum roll exercises. These exercises improve the manual skills of course participants and enable them to master manual skills. Our main aim is to bring adults and/or kids together and make them part of this successful group learning valuable skills and performing together at various community events. 


This project aims to provide an environment where people with Substance misuse can come and express themselves, feel at home while enjoying building new relationships and freshly prepared meals. This project will also tackle social isolation which can be as a result of being ex-convicts, etc. 

A place where people can express themselves positively, where they will be accepted for who they are and are supported to build life again and possibly get back to work. 

Through this project, hope will be restored, lives will be impacted and it will bring joy to the lives of the participants. 

Torry Dance Group – bid for £1400 

The project has now begun its second year. We meet at Torry Sports Centre each week which is a great central location in Torry. At the moment [this could change] we are able to access the Dance Studio at no cost as long as the classes are free for the community. This offers the children a great place to have fun is a safe and fun environment. 

The project is managed by Fiona Brown [ qualified Highland dance tutor] and Angela Sadler [Jazz dance tutor]. Both PSAs at Walker Road Primary School which means we have lots of experience/skills of working with children. We both also run Dance classes in the school, running the Walker Road Dancers which has had a huge success over the past 6 years, performing in both Torry and around Aberdeen. 

Every week the classes regularly see an attendance of 45 taking part. The primary children come first followed by the senior classes. It is only girls who attend but boys would be very welcome. The parents have also managed to form friendships while their children are in the classes and waiting in the seating area at the Sports Centre. 

As this project is open to all school age children who live in Torry. This is an opportunity for children from the community to meet each other and make friendships which helps as they progress to Academy together. Lots of the Dancers have taken part in the classes at Walker Road and built up lots of skills which will benefit them in later life such as commitment, teamwork, learning routines/timings, keeping fit and having lots of opportunities to perform at Public events. In June this year the Dancers performed at Tullos Primary school on the stage to 150 parents/friends which was an Amazing evening for both dancers and the audience. 


The aim of this project is to give support to people who are diabetic or have family and friends with the condition in Torry community. 

This support group will enable them benefit from my proven experience which has given me so much success in my health and I am now no longer a diabetic. They will also have opportunities to meet with other professionals and individuals who have succeeded in staying healthy even with the challenge of being diabetic. 

While enjoying a cuppa and snacks, participants will be given a forum to express their challenges and they will receive adequate support to enable them overcome the stress and challenge that comes with being a diabetic. This will help them maintain a better mental health condition. This will help participants maintain a positive mindset seeing other people who have coped well with the challenge share their story. 

Tullos Jogscotland (Team Tullos) – bid for £1220 

Tullos jogscotland is a running group for children in P1 - P7.  The group provides a fun and simple way to get children active through a range of running / jogging based games and exercises 

  • Regular exercise helps children to: 

  • Sleep better, 

  • Improve learning abilities, 

  • Boost self-esteem, 

  • Decrease anxiety. 

All of the above will have a positive impact on children's mental health 

The funding will allow the group to give the children a simple group identity with their own t-shirts and to assist with the purchasing of simple running equipment for indoor and outdoor games. 

Tullos Community Garden Group – bid for £1100 

The main project would be working with the Countryside Rangers, other outdoor learning providers and our volunteers to deliver a range of fun and interactive outdoor learning activities and sessions. Running from Approx. April to September 2020.  They would target under 5's in area. Primary school pupils, families and Lochside Academy pupils living locally. 

This builds on the great success last year of our sessions which were popular and well attended. 

Children and families enjoyed a range of outdoor learning provided by both tutors and the groups own volunteers. We would also like to include a range of additional one off activities including planting days, Easter and Halloween sessions and our AGM. 

Participants last year gave a lot of positive feedback and asked for more sessions this year. 

The funding will help pay for sessional staff and also for materials and snacks. 

We would also like to run an eco building project involving local young people. 

Walker Road Netball Team – bid for £467.68 

We offer free netball training to Walker Road School pupils in primary 6 and 7. Both boys and girls are welcome to join the team, attend training and represent Walker Road in netball games. Netball is a fun way for pupils to stay healthy and active as well as develop other vital skills such as teamwork and decision making. Any funding received would be used for Netball kit, Netballs and Netball Bibs.